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Since 1985 MarsCare has been an industry leader in Home Health Care.  Give us a call to learn how we can assist you and your family. 215.763.3992

Our Mission:

To provide quality and cost-effective care to those whose medical needs fall within the scope of our services.  Our vision is to provide fully integrated services resulting in the highest standards of quality in all aspects of patient care.

We treat all patients, regardless of race, sex, national origin, color, religion, and/or disability, with the utmost respect and dignity while striving to fulfill their needs by coordinating home medical services with physician and other health professionals.



We are committed to continuing the most comprehensive patient care through employee dedication, ongoing employee education, state-of-the art services, and proactive approaches to ensure the satisfaction of our patients and involved members of the health care delivery system.

MarsCare Has Served The Philadelphia Tri-State Area Since 1985

Mars Care Pediatrics

Experienced RN clinical managers specialize in the care of children with acute and chronic health care needs including those who are dependent on various forms of technology including ventilator.  Services include skilled assessment, planning, monitoring, and evaluation of your child’s physical and developmental needs.

24/7 availability; skilled nursing, home health aide/companion; for personal hygiene, meal prepration and light housekeeping.

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Things To Know

Healthy At Home

Healthy At Home

With proper planning, returning home from a hospital stay need not result in unexpected challenges for seniors. Currently, one in five Medicare patients is readmitted to a hospital within 30 days after discharge. Studies have shown that nearly half these readmissions... read more
Brain Health

Brain Health

There are many lifestyle choices you can make to maintain a healthy body as you age. But what about the steps you can take to support a healthy brain as you grow older? This brochure will provide you with some information and guidance to help you make smart choices... read more
Eldely Abuse

Eldely Abuse

Gerald, 73, had a stroke. Unable to care for himself, he moved in with his son’s family. His son, David, tried to help, but wasn’t home much during the work week. So, it was Gerald’s daughter-in-law, Frances, who cooked special meals and helped him bathe and dress.... read more

“Self Determination Is For Everyone”

In Home Progam

Thriving in the Community Program

Independence, Support, Respect & Choice

Everyone is different;  therefore support nees to be individualize.  Cares is based on respect, dignity and worth  of each individual with the understanding that everyone should have contol over their life.

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Immediate Staffing Positions Available

“Trusted Partner for Over Twenty Years In The Community”

State Funded Programs

Waiver Programs

Often times the need for skilled nursing ends; however, there is still a need for long term assistance with daily living activities.  We can help! Through varying waiver programs, MARSCare is able to assist you or your loved one(s) remain independent within the comfort of home.


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Patients are happier when care is provided in the comfort of their own home.

We provide and arrange for the delivery of state-of–the-art,  high quality health care serevices.

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