Thriving in the Community Program:

Services currently offered under these waivers include:

  • Home & Community Habilitation – Services to help individuals gain, maintain, and improve skills that allow them to live and participate in their community.
  • Companion – Service provides supervision and assistance that focuses on the health and safety of the individual.
  • Respite – Service provides supervision/support to and individual on a short term basis to give relief to the individual’s caregiver.
  • Nursing – Service provides LPN/RN services based on doctor recommendation and ODP approval


The AAW provides long term services & supports for community living for adults 21+ with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Services currently offered under the AAW include:

  • Community Inclusion – Service assists individuals in acquiring, retaining and improving communication, socialization and self-help skills necessary to reside in the community.
  • Respite – Service provides short-term supervision/support to relieve individual’s unpaid caregiver when caregiver is unable to provide supports.