Welcome To MarsCare HR Portal

Inside the MARSCare Human Resource Portal,  you will find important resources for your employment at  MarsCare. Please reference information below on key topics that are deemed necessary for you.  Most information is on a open public network, but for key information you may need to acquire an employee username and password for access to information only available to MarsCare employees. If you have any specific questions, contact the HR department directly at 215.763-3992.

New Hire Important Information For Orientation

Please select the links for the  Child Abuse Clearance, Child Abuse Reporting Mandate, and, FBI Clearance  that  needs to be completed beore orientation is scheduled. Once you have completed this information, you will then be provided with a day and time to report for your Orientation.

Child Abuse Clearance. Go to the child welfare portal and create an indvidual account

Child Abuse Reporting Mandate:  Go to registration tab and follow directions

FBI Clearance:  Register  to obtain you clearance

Below is  a list of additional information you will need to complete for your hiring orientation. Obtain the following to bring with you.


Picture I.D.


Social Security Card




PPD/Chest X-Ray