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Work with a supportive, professional and pleasant office staff. We respect our caregivers as an integral part of our growing business and as an important part of our entire care team.

At MARSCare you are hired as a W-2 employee and not a 1099 contractor

As a W-2 employee MARSCare pays for your payroll taxes such as Social Security, Medicare, and Disability. We also pay for worker’s compensation insurance which covers work related injuries. If you work for an agency which hires you as a 1099 contractor, you are responsible to pay for these taxes on your own. WARNING: Make sure you ask every agency you work for if they are hiring you as a W-2 or 1099 employee. Not only that, after you receive your paycheck make sure the proper taxes are paid for. There are some agencies in the Philadelphia Area that state that they are hiring their caregivers as W-2 but in fact they are treating them as 1099.

Flexible work schedule

We specialize in a flexible work schedule for our caregivers. So you can have a better work-life balance.

Competitive pay

$10 to $12, Overtime pay and Holiday pay

Caregiver of the month and year

For caregiver of the month, we choose a caregiver who has worked exceptionally hard, they will receive a bonus check and have their picture posted in the office with a nice paragraph about the caregiver. The bonus for the caregiver of the year is always a surprise!

Other great benefits

    401K, retirement plan
    Direct Deposit